Obstetrician nabbed for involving in illegal surrogacy ring in Hanoi

Criminal investigators in Hanoi have decided to take legal proceedings against a doctor and two women involving in an illegal surrogacy ring.
Police have apprehended 59-year-old Nguyen Danh Hoa in Dong Da District in Hanoi, 40-year-old Pham Ngoc Thao in Ho Chi Minh City and 29-year-old Nguyen Anh Thu from the Southern Province of Vinh Long for running illicit surrogacy service.
Obstetrician nabbed for involving in illegal surrogacy ring in Hanoi ảnh 1 Thu and Thao in the illicit surrogacy ring
Nguyen Danh Hoa was identified to be an obstetrician who worked for different hospitals in Hanoi. He has a private medical practice facility at home without operation permit.
According to police’s investigation, Thao met obstetrician Hoa during her in vitro fertilization process while Thao accidentally made friend with Thu when she participated in groups of those who suffered from infertility and offered them surrogacy services via social media.
Thao and Thu later wanted to earn money; therefore, they acted as intermediary by posting an information of seeking people for surrogate parents and those seeking a surrogate to have their own child.
They cooperated with obstetrician Hoa to form the unlawful surrogacy ring.
The three will legalize all document to help those who are not eligible for surrogacy service. Doctor Hoa performed all of the relevant procedures to get those in need surrogates pregnant.
Police continued furthering the investigation.

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