No information leak in latest illegal ID card information sale

An account named Ox1337xO, created on RaidForums in May 2021, announced a sale of a 17GB data package on May 13. This package is supposed to include details of citizen ID cards of many Vietnamese people. The post was then deleted, but was still stored in the cache of Google search engine, and has raised serious concern over information safety.

No information leak in latest illegal ID card information sale ảnh 1

Information of Vietnamese citizen ID card is sold illegally on RaidForums

Accordingly, Ox1337xO claimed that he owns a large number of data packages, consisting of confidential KYC (Know Your Customer) information of Vietnamese people like identity, full name, date of birth, avatar, current home address, current email address, telephone number, ID number, and citizen ID card front and back pictures.

He intended to sell these packages with the price of US$9,000 USD either in Bitcoin (0,2 BTC) or via an intermediary. That price was then down to $4,300.

Vice President of Bkav Ngo Tuan Anh said that this large amount of 17GB might include KYC video clips of the identity process.

Besides, as this is merely the data of Pi Network virtual curency, the true volume of ID card information leak is only a little. Adding to this is the fact that Ox1337xO is an anonymous name which has just been created and requires virtual curency as the payment method.

Therefore, it can be said that this data transaction is most likely a scam.

Vice President Anh confirmed that there is no evidence to show an information leak from the national population database of Vietnam.

However, he also commented that this is a serious issue since the information of nearly 10,000 people, including sensitive ones such as eKYC clips and the front and back pictures of citizen ID card, is illegally sold publicly.