Nearly 1,000 cases violate alcohol concentration during first three days of Tet

During the first three days of the lunar new year, the Ho Chi Minh City Traffic Police have recorded nearly 1,600 violations of the Road Traffic Law, including nearly 1,000 cases of alcohol concentration violations.

A traffic police officer checks the alcohol concentration of a driver.

The Traffic Police Department (PC08) under the Ho Chi Minh City Public Security Department has just reported that the traffic police officers detected and fined nearly 1,600 drivers who violated the Road Traffic Law in the city, with an estimated fine of up to more than VND5.3 billion (US$217,000) from the patrols during the first three days of the lunar new year, falling from February 10 to February 12 (from the first day to the third day of the lunar new year).

According to the PC08, 493 drunk drivers have their licenses revoked and their vehicles seized temporarily.

Traffic police detected 929 violations of alcohol concentration and 206 violations of speed and so on.

As for Thu Duc City Police, 79 violations in traffic were recorded; 33 motorbikes were seized temporarily and 11 violations faced strict fines. Of these, 28 drunk drivers violated regulations of alcohol concentration, one case tested positive for illegal drug use and 34 cases violated speed limitation and so on from February 10 to February 12.

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