Mismatched treatment makes nurses give up job

Nurses or midwives play important role in treatment procedure; though they are under constant pressure at workplace and receive mismatched salary; accordingly, many of them have given up their jobs.
Mismatched treatment makes nurses give up job
Working as a nurse for 40 year, Nursing Director of City International Hospital Dr. Thai Thi Kim Nga said that after graduation in 1979, she worked in Cho Ray Hospital and earned praise from the hospital managers and the Ministry of Health for her significant contribution during treatment procedure.
Nurses are accustomed to working under pressure. Not only do they face life-and-death situations on a daily basis, but they must also navigate interactions with overworked medical professionals and anxious patients and families.
According to the Work Health Organization (WHO), nursing is one of three pillars in the health sector including treating, caring and preventing. Therefore, the role of nursing is acknowledgeably praised not only in the health sector but also in the society globally.
However, nurses in Vietnam are facing challenges such as huge demand of treatment, low medical services, overpopulation, average life span and high rate of chronic diseases whereas the sector lacks personnel.
Statistically, Vietnam has nearly 130,000 nurses in more than 1,300 medical centers nationwide, WHO said. Some of nurses are working in medical institutions with poor facility affecting treatment procedure.
Presently, many countries in the world including developing countries like Vietnam are short of nurses and nursing undergraduates.
As per the Ministry of Health’s latest statistics, the ratio of nurse practitioners by doctor is currently 1.8, lowest in the Southeast Asian region (the ratio in Philippines is 5,1; in Indonesia is 8; and Thailand is 7).
Moreover, Labor Medicine and Environment Hygiene Institute’s finding pointed out that nearly 23 percent of nurses are suffering stress. Worse, people’s mistaken awareness of the role of nurses has resulted in unsolved difficulties in nursing career ; subsequently, many nurses have left jobs.

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