Ministry revokes document of herbal medicine use in treating Covid-19 patients

Deputy Health Minister Nguyen Truong Son this morning signed document No.5967 to revoke document No.5944 relating to herbal and traditional medicines use in the treatment of Coronavirus patients.
Ministry revokes document of herbal medicine use in treating Covid-19 patients ảnh 1 The Ministry of Health has revoked the document of traditional medicine use in treating Covid-19 patients
Prior, the Ministry of Health issued document No. 5944/BYT-YDCT relating to the use of 12 traditional medicines in the treatment of Covid-19 patients to departments of health, hospitals of traditional medicine in cities and provinces, businesses of herbal medicines.

Accordig to the revoked document, basing on clinical development of patients, healthcare workers can use such medicines and other forms of herbal medicine which have been suggested as treatments for Covid-19 patients.

Moreover, medical workers can combine two or three herbal medicines in the Ministry’s guidance document including 12 traditional remedies.

Furthermore, the Ministry proposed that traditional medicine hospitals make traditional medicine products according to regulations. However, the Ministry threatened to throw the book at anyone or organizations to advertise the products wrongly or hoard these products for higher profits.

Right after the document of using traditional medicines for treating Covid-19 patients was released, the public expressed doubts about the efficacy of herbal remedies for Covid-19 treatment and bidding for such products.

Head of the Agency of Traditional Medicine Administration Nguyen The Thinh said at a press conference that these traditional medicines are sponsored by companies so people will not buy them as they are free-of-charge.