Ministry of Industry and Trade proposes to control imported rice

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has just submitted to the Prime Minister the issues and obstacles to rice product management, especially imported rice.
Illustrative photo: TNO
The ministry is receiving opinions from offices, agencies, units, organizations and individuals on the draft Decree of amending and supplementing the Decree No. 107/2018/ND-CP dated August 15, 2018 of the Government on rice export business. Besides, the ministry also sent official letter No.7290 to the relevant ministries and agencies on building the new decree.

During the passing time, the number of rice exporting to Vietnam tended to increase. According to the statistics of the General Department of Vietnam Customs in 2021, the total imported rice to the country gained 999,750 tons, mostly from India with 72.02 percent of which would be used for making rice noodles, rice cake, livestock feed, beer, wine production and so on.

The surge on rice importation could affect domestic production activities and national rice production, people’s lives and indirectly food safety.

However, Decree No.107 in 2018 on the rice export business was not on the adjustment and management of this decree. Therefore, the Ministry of Industry and Trade proposed to have regulations on rice import management to help the state management agencies to actively, and promptly regulate the rice import management in accordance with the management goals in each period.

The draft amendment and supplement of Decree No.107 aim at completing the legal framework to overcome the arising issues and obstacles to ensure the durable export goal.

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