Ministry greenlights Covid-19 vaccine trial on human with highest dose

The Ministry of Health has greenlighted Covid-19 vaccine trial on human with the highest dose, said the Military Medical Academy on January 11.
Ministry greenlights Covid-19 vaccine trial on human with highest dose

The Military Medical Academy said that the Ministry of Health has just approved a plan to inject Nano Covax vaccine with the high dose of 75 mcg on three volunteers on January 12.

The three volunteers will be kept under monitor during 72 hours after they are vaccinated. Later, the Military Medical Academy will continue injecting 17 remaining volunteers. Those are the final group of volunteers for the human trial’s first stage of the vaccine developed by the Ho Chi Minh City-based Nanogen Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Company.

From December 17, 2020, 40 volunteers divided into two groups have received two doses of 25 mcg and 50 mcg of the vaccine. They have been so far in stable condition though some of them experienced slight fever and pain at injection sites at first.

Presently, the Military Medical Academy is continuing to call for participations of 400 to 600 volunteers in the human clinical trial’s second stage. It is scheduled that the second stage of the Nano Covax vaccine will be implemented in February 2021 and held by three organizations including Military Medical Academy, the Ho Chi Minh City Pasteur Institute and the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology in addition to the Nanogen Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Company.