Ministries require to cut petrol price from New Year

Ethanol gasoline blend E5 RON92 reduces VND515 a liter to VND16,272 from January 1, 2019 according to requirements by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Finance.

RON95-III gasoline price drops VND538 a liter to VND17,603, diesel slides VND1,092 a liter to VND14,909, kerosene reduces VND818 liter to VND14,185 and mazut falls VND733 a kilogram to VND13,275.

Contribution level to the petrol price stabilization fund is kept unchanged for E5 RON92 gasoline. It is VND500 a liter of RON95, VND800 a liter of diesel, VND700 a liter of kerosene and VND500 a kilogram of mazut.

The latest price cut was on December 21 when ethanol gasoline blend E5RON92 reduced VND394 a liter, RON95-III decreased VND318 a liter, diesel fell VND257 a liter, kerosene moved down VND249 a liter and mazut reduced VND394 a kilogram.