Mekong Delta farmers helped to treat packaging of plant protection drugs

Loc Troi Group and the agricultural sector of Giang Thanh District (Kien Giang Province) has just co-held a summary meeting on their environment protection program.

Accordingly, in Tan Khanh Hoa Commune of Giang Thanh District, the program ‘Joining Hand with Farmers to Protect the Environment – Collecting Used Packaging of Plant Protection Drugs’ has just finished stage 1.

This is an annual program held by Loc Troi Group and its member cooperatives to collect and then treat the packaging of plant protection drugs in order to clean the environment as well as raising the awareness of the public about protecting their health and neighborhood.

Deputy Head Le Van Da of the Office of Plant Growing and Protection in Kien Giang Province informed that each hectare of rice field discards 0.7-1 kilo of plant protection drug packaging. As to fruit orchards and fields of other crops except grains, this volume might double.

Therefore, without proper treatment, the amount of discarded packaging waste in the Mekong Delta for a total crop area of 1.5 million hectares should become alarming to the environment.

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