Market surveillance authority asks to impose tough penalties on fuel violators

The Vietnam Directorate of Market Surveillance directed to impose tough penalties on violators in the field of fuel business.

In order to prevent a virtual local shortage of petrol, the Vietnam Directorate of Market Surveillance under the Ministry of Industry and Trade yesterday requested to inspect all petrol and oil stations throwing the book at violators. Moreover, inspectors can apply additional sanctions asking violators to fix the consequences according to regulations.

Market surveillance forces in localities were urged to increase inspection, supervision, and handling of violations in petroleum businesses on the occasion of the Tet holiday ( the Lunar New Year 2023); at the same time, they must ensure the supplies of petrol for retail stores of wholesalers, distributors and general agents.

In recent days, as the Ministry of Industry and Trade had announced to delay adjustment of gasoline prices until after the Lunar New Year, while world gasoline prices are tending upwards, so some retail agents have closed down and asked for permission to temporarily stop selling during the Lunar New Year.

According to these agents, in the operating period on January 11, the domestic retail gasoline price remained unchanged, while the oil price dropped sharply. The operating period on January 21 will be postponed for another 10 days until the beginning of February whereas the discount is still low, some stores cannot import enough goods or have negative profits due to increased costs because of salary payments, Tet bonuses for employees, and transportation costs.

In addition to sanctions imposed on violating fuel businesses according to regulations, civil servants who let loose their management, cover up, and abet violators will also receive punishment.

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