Many people face heat-related health problems

Extreme heat causes chaos for people in the whole country, especially those people who live in dangerous heat-hit areas with temperatures of up to 39- 40 degrees Celsius.

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The intense hot climate could lead risk of disease outbreaks and result in health problems regarding physical and mental health in both adults and children, especially people with underlying diseases, like stress, sleep disturbances, heat stroke, heat exhaustion and fatigue.

The National Institute of Mental Health, Bach Mai Hospital recorded the numerous patients for examination and treatment regarding insomnia, headaches and heat stress under the impacts of the ongoing extreme hot weather.

According to doctors, high temperature is one of the factors that increase the risks of heat stress during sleep and make the body tired.

It is forecast that the whole country will continue to tolerate more extreme heatwaves in the coming time; therefore, residents are recommended to protect their health, especially their mental health.

According to health experts, everyone should avoid going outdoors during the recommended time, working too hard and drinking alcoholic and caffeinated beverages instead of drinking plenty of water.

As for those people with symptoms of prolonged insomnia, sleep disturbances or stress if any, it is necessary to see their doctors for treatment timely.

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