Man dies after eating pig blood pudding

A 67 year old man in the northern province of Phu Tho had fever, headache, and rashes in the face, legs and thigh after eating a bowl of pig's tripe soup with blood pudding.


The man was rushed to the Central Tropical Disease Hospital in Hanoi and received intensive treatment yet he could not escape the death.


Deputy Chief of the hospital’s Emergency Room Dr. Nguyen Trung Cap said that the man was hospitalized one day after he ate the pig’s tripe soup. In the hospital, he was unconscious, vomiting and had fever, rashes in the face, thigh and legs.


Accordingly, despite doctor’s efforts to save him by filtering blood continuously and injecting antibiotic drug, his bad condition was not abating. He died on May 22.


Dr. Cap added that as per the hospital’s statistic, up to 80 percent infected patients having contracted streptococcus suis after eating undercooked pork from disease pigs were hospitalized too late. Most of them suffered severe meningitis, shock, multi-organ failure.  Many of them who were hospitalized late died.


Additionally, a majority of infected patients with streptococcus suis have gangrene, their climb had to be amputated.


Medical experts warned people not to directly contact the diseased animal during slaughter, cooking or eating pig blood pudding.

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