Leaf vegetables hike sharply in central city and provinces

Due to consecutive storms and floods, large leaf-vegetable gardens were completely destroyed in Da Nang City and Quang Nam Province. Therefore, after the floods, vegetables became scarce, so the prices of vegetables have also skyrocketed.
Mrs. Nguyen Thi Kim Thuong, a small trader in Han Market, groans that leafy greens have increased sharply for many days after the floods. (Photo: SGGP)
Mrs. Nguyen Thi Kim Thuong, a small trader in Han Market, groans that leafy greens have increased sharply for many days after the floods. (Photo: SGGP)

In Da Nang City, continuous heavy rains have flooded and damaged hundreds of hectares of vegetables in La Huong and Tuy Toan vegetable villages and caused traffic separation, so goods arrived at wholesale markets have decreased. Insufficient supply has made prices of all types of leaf vegetables soar by 200 percent. Both small traders and consumers are moaning and groaning about the high prices of vegetables.

Prices of all types of leaf vegetables at traditional markets and supermarkets, clean food stores, and convenience stores all surged sharply. Mr. Dam Van Tau, Director of Da Nang Markets Development and Management Company, said that the volume of vegetables and fruits arrived at the market in recent days has decreased slightly. Especially, leaf vegetables have become scarce. Of which, the number of vegetables, onions, and fruits arrived at Hoa Cuong Wholesale Market was more than 200 tons.

Vegetables, tubers, and fruits in Da Nang City are imported mainly from Lam Dong Province and some Central Highlands and northern provinces. However, leaf vegetables are mainly imported from Quang Nam Province and vegetable growing areas of Da Nang City. Heavy rains and floods waterlogged vegetables, causing the vegetable supply of vegetable gardens in Quang Nam Province and Da Nang City to be almost interrupted, spurring the prices of all kinds of leaf vegetables to skyrocket. The prices have gone up 40-50 percent, and some items have even climbed by up to 100 percent, said Mr. Tau.

At Han Market in Hai Chau District in Da Nang City, the prices of leafy vegetables all increased by 2-3 times higher compared to normal days. Ms. Nguyen Kim Thuong, a small trader selling vegetables, onions, tubers, and fruits, said that in recent days, the prices of leaf vegetables have continuously increased and showed no signs of cooling down. For instance, the current wholesale price of basil has risen to VND130,000-VND150,000 per kilogram from the normal price level of VND25,000-VND30,000 per kilogram. Previously, the wholesale price of leaf mustard, Ceylon spinach, and sweet potato sprouts was VND180,000 per dozen (VND15,000 per bunch); that of sweet leaf (Sauropus androgynous) was VND120,000 per dozen (VND10,000 per bunch); that of greenhouse-grown lettuce was VND55,000 per kilogram; that of lettuce was VND35,000 per kilogram. Now, all increased by nearly 2-3 times higher compared to normal.

At Co.opmart Supermarket, Mr. Le Quang Thanh, Deputy Director of the supermarket, said that tubers and fruits were plentiful there with prices stable and not increasing. As for leaf vegetables, the supply basically meets the demand of consumers, but prices have sharply surged as suppliers raised their prices.

‘Co.opmart imports leafy greens from gardens in Quang Nam and Da Nang City. Due to the floods, vegetables were affected heavily, so suppliers increased their selling prices. As a result, the prices to consumers soared sharply,’ said Mr. Thanh.

In Quang Nam Province, after floods and heavy downpours, a large area of vegetables and fruits was destroyed, resulting in high prices. Bau Tron in Dai Loc District and Tra Que are two of the largest vegetable growing areas in the Central, supplying vegetables for not only Quang Nam Province and Da Nang City but also many other provinces. After the last two consecutive storms and floods, the whole vegetable growing area was inundated, making vegetables and fruits rarer and rarer, so prices soared strongly.

Ms. Le Hien, a small trader selling fresh vegetables at Hoi An Market, said that normally, she buys vegetables from Tra Que and Thanh Dong vegetable villages.  However, when there are floods, the entrances to the vegetable villages are blocked, causing vegetable supply to be interrupted. Ms. Hien has to go to Da Nang Wholesale Market to buy vegetables, but the quantity of vegetables here is also small.