“Kha Banh” arrested for allegedly organizing gambling

Police investigators in the northern province of Bac Ninh yesterday said that 26 year old Ngo Ba Kha whose nickname is ‘Kha Banh’ (Handsome Kha) was arrested for the allegedly organizing gambling.

Kha cries at police station (Photo: SGGP)
Kha cries at police station (Photo: SGGP)

Police investigators also detained four other men Nguyen Van Quang, 32, Nguyen Huu Hoi, 30, Ngo Luong An, 34 and Trinh Huu Quy, 27 who were involved in the gambling ring. The case was being further investigated.

Before, on April 1, police officers and local administration carried out search warrant his house and found some documents that showed Kha has taken part in loan shark activities and gambling. Worse, Kha tested positive for heroin.

High-profile public figure Kha’s YouTube has one million subscribers but no one has known Kha has had three previous convictions and offences. He was arrested for inflicting injuries in 2014 and disrupting public order in 2016

At the police station, KHa expressed his regret for what he had done. He admitted to use drug in 2017.

He revealed that he has earned nearly US$20,000 a month in YouTube payment for displaying ads on his videos lately.

For the highly controversial clip of setting a fire on his motorbike, he explained the vehicle is old; hence, he decided to set fire on it. However, he received many controversial comments and then he deleted the clip.

Investigator police has fined him for posting the clip of destroying and setting fire on the vehicle. Most of his videos posted in YouTube has shown his extravagant attitude.

Before, he had been fined VND5.5 million and withdrawn the driving license for posting a video of driving in a line in an expressway.