Intervention of brain aneurysm performed successfully at FV hospital

FV Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City yesterday announced its first endovascular repair of a brain aneurysm on 45-year-old Chinese patient Lei Ting.
Intervention of brain aneurysm performed successfully at FV hospital
The procedure was carried out by Dr. Mahendran Nadarajah, one of the leading specialists in the field of neuro intervention who used a combination of coils and vascular plug to successfully treat the aneurysm.
For the last two years, patient Lei Ting suffered from continuing headaches at the back of his head. He attended many hospitals in HCMC where he was prescribed strong pain killers and was asked to rest.
His headache got a little better but did not completely go away.
Patient Lei Ting began to have severe headaches on June 11 2019 and was admitted to FV on the advice of the doctor. His blood pressure was found to be very high at 227/123.
After a multidisciplinary meeting between surgeons of all wards in the hospital to find the best way to treat the patient, surgeons decided to perform an endovascular repair of the aneurysm.
Dr. Mahendran Nadarajah said that at the time patient Lei Ting was admitted to the Interventional Cardiology room, the aneurysm measured 11.5mm in diameter and 15mm in length.
After more than three hours of intervention, the procedure was successful. Eight hours later, the patient was completely awake and able to walk.

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