Intensive care needed for adult patients with post-Covid conditions

Many individuals experience persistent symptoms and a decline in health-related quality of life after coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) illness. Longer-term sequelae in outpatients have not been well characterized; therefore, medical screening and intensive care are necessary to help adult patients recover well.
Intensive care needed for adult patients with post-Covid conditions ảnh 1 A medical worker is giving consultation to a Covid-19 recovered woman
Two weeks after being discharged from hospital, a 35-year-old man in Thu Duc City’s Linh Trung Ward is still tormented by sudden coughing, throbbing chest pain lasting 20-30 minutes, and breathing problem plus constant insomnia and a series of hand numbness. He has been feeling uncomfortable.
Elsewhere in the city, a 41 years old woman in District 10 said 10 members of her family contracted the Covid-19 and most of them have difficulties afterward. She feels her health condition deteriorated and she has been experiencing insomnia or shortness of breath.
According to statistics of Le Van Thinh Hospital’s Post-Covid-19 Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Center in Thu Duc City, all ages can be affected after Covid-19, most commonly in men aged 30 years old up and women aged 35 years old up.
Eighty percent of Covid-19 recoveries are prone to fatigue while 66 percent have experienced depression, 45 percent with pulmonary fibrosis, 45 percent with insomnia, 4 4percent with headache and 25 percent with hair loss. These uncomfortable symptoms tend to last more than four weeks, even months.
Doctor Nguyen Thanh Sang, Director of the Post-Covid-19 Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Center, said that most of the patients had psychological trauma through examination. The hospital has therefore cooperated with psychologists from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Education to support the psychology of critically ill patients by asking them to draw pictures, to write a diary of what they think.  Once, adult patients feel better, they will undergo the physical therapy for breathing exercises, movement exercises, massage.
Dr. Hoang Ngoc Van, Head of the Department of Resuscitation and Rehabilitation after Covid-19 at Thong Nhat Hospital, said that over the past time, most of the Covid-19 recoveries have been recorded to have respiratory problems.
To treat this group of patients, physicians of Thong Nhat Hospital have given them antibiotics if the lungs are inflamed. Additionally, they were instructed to do respiratory physiotherapy exercises. Patients were advised to exposure to sunlight in 5-10 minutes many times a day.
The elderly should talk with family members and be encouraged by relatives will help them reduce anxiety and stimulate brain activity after recovering from illness. Family members should encourage the recovered person to read books, newspapers, for a significant contribution to good recovery.

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