Insufficient human resources for blockchain technology in Vietnam

Navigos Group announced a report on July 10 on recruitment demands for middle- and high-level positions in Vietnam, especially in the fields of manufacturing, information technology (IT), and clean energy.
Vietnamese engineers are keenly sought to work in new technologies
Vietnamese engineers are keenly sought to work in new technologies

According to this report, there is a serious shortage of experienced human resources in the blockchain technology fields.

Blockchain is a relative new technology in Vietnam and has witnessed a very impressive growth recently. It has been applied into various areas of finance and banking, finance technology, logistics, and healthcare. It also attracts much interest from state offices as well as local businesses.

However, at the moment, there is a severe lack of experienced employees in the field. What is more, although Vietnamese young IT engineers are quite eager with the new technology, they are still afraid of the future prospect when shifting to this branch. Understanding this worry, many businesses are willing to hire IT engineers with the policy to let them have three months to deeply research on this new technology before beginning to develop real products.

Yet due to the difficulty in hiring Vietnamese IT engineers  for the field, foreign blockchain companies have to recruit international experts (mostly from Russia, Ukraine, and the USA) with a salary of $2,000 – 3,000 per month.

Electricity engineers are highly welcomed to work in the field of clean energy, including wind energy and solar energy, both of which are receiving sound international investment. These finance resources are from the cooperation between Vietnamese companies and their European partners of Denmark, Germany.

Nevertheless, as this is a relatively new area in the nation, the human resources are insufficient. To amend this situation, many businesses exercise the policy to hire electricity engineers who have experience in thermoelectricity or hydroelectricity and then re-train them. All these positions need excellent professional knowledge and a high level of English language skills.

The report on the human resources market in the second quarter of 2018 also shows that many positions for both local and international employees in the fields of finance and banking, manufacturing, and hospitality have very impressive salaries of around VND100 – 300 million ($4,339 – 13,017) per month. Marketing directors are offered a handsome salary of VND100 – 200 million ($4,339 – 8,678) per month.