Institute inviting volunteers for trials of nasal spray Covid-19 vaccine

The Pasteur Institute in Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province, is recruiting more volunteers for trials of a nasal spray Covid-19 vaccine.
Trinh Thi Bich Thuy, Director of the institute’s centre for training - scientific management - international cooperation, said they plan to recruit 3,000 volunteers aged at least 18 in central Quang Nam and Khanh Hoa provinces for the third-phase trials of the viral vector-based influenza vaccine.

Eligible volunteers should be healthy or with mild illnesses and in stable condition, haven’t been infected with Covid-19, and ready to undergo four check-ups during the research process. Besides, their latest Covid-19 vaccine dose administration must be at least three months prior to the trials.

The recruitment will last from now through April 30, she noted, adding that the trials are scheduled to last for one year since the spray administration, and the interval between two doses is 14 days.

The first- and second-phase clinical trials have proved this nasal spray vaccine is safe and good in immune response generation, according to Thuy.

Apart from Vietnam, the third-phase trials of this vaccine are also being carried out in four other countries, namely Colombia, the Philippines, South Africa, and Indonesia.

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