Information on pig deaths related to made-in-Vietnam vaccine rejected

KPP Powers’ partner AVAC Vietnam Joint Stock Company affirmed that by August 20, AVAC Vietnam has not exported any dose of African swine fever vaccine to Indonesia yet.

The announcement was made by General Director of AVAC Vietnam Joint Stock Company Nguyen Van Diep in an official dispatch sent to Pinky Pe Tobiano, CEO of KPP Powers Commodites Inc.

The move was made after an unconfirmed source had been posted on Rappler, a Philippine online news website saying that pigs had died en mass at the PT Indo Tirta Suaka farm on Pulau Bulan Island, Indonesia due to the vaccination of made-in-Vietnam African swine fever vaccine in six recent weeks, thereby increasing the possibility of infection with African swine fever virus in pig herds.

According to Rappler, the vaccination of AVAC Vietnam Company vaccine doses caused the death of pigs, leaving the farm millions of dollars in damage. Amid the unconfirmed information above, General Director of AVAC Vietnam Joint Stock Company Nguyen Van Diep also affirmed with KPP Powers Commodites Inc of the Philippines that its vaccine has never been sold or shipped to any farm or the farm with the name PT Indo Tirta Suaka as mentioned in the article.

Regarding the loss of millions of dollars due to the vaccine of AVAC Vietnam, the figure is unbelievable because the AVAC Vietnam Company has not received any information as well as procedure related to that.

In July 2023, KPP Powers Commodites Inc of the Philippines approved to import a batch of 300,000 doses of AVAC ASF LIVE vaccine of AVAC Vietnam Joint Stock Company to prevent disease outbreaks after the two sides tested this vaccine in the Philippines.

The competent authority of the Philippines announced the results of the effectiveness evaluation and absolute safety of the made-in-Vietnam vaccine for pigs.

Currently, the competent authorities of the Philippines are urging Filipino businesses to urgently complete registration procedures to import more African swine fever vaccines from Vietnam.

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