Human resources being main core of digital transformation

Under the context of digital transformation, many enterprises are performing headhunting or professional skill transformation for their human resources.

Deputy Director of the Ho Chi Minh City Center for Supporting Industries under the municipal Department of Industry and Trade Le Nguyen Duy Oanh said that human resources for supporting industries are very rare at the current time.

Besides, the quality of the human resources for the sector at the universities does not meet the actual demand of enterprises. In the reality, to make human resources involved in the production chain, businesses have to invest around US$1,000 to US$1,500 for each labor to know how to fully operate the devices, equipment and machines.

Therefore, along with the efforts of enterprises, the partners providing technology and production chain regularly offer attached policies of worker and engineer training sessions which would ensure qualified human resources after the technology or production chain transfer are fully completed so that the enterprises implementing digital transformation need to take advantage of the privilege to enhance the technical skills for their employees.

In the fields of banking and finance, the demand for the sector is very high as those working in the fields have to master both information technology and their expertise so that the number of employees in the fields is moderate.

Amid the situation, several local banks have decided to recruit human resources from global sources. As of July 2022, through an international talent attraction campaign, the Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Techcombank) organized a roadshow in Singapore and London, the United Kingdom to recruit senior employees.

At the events, Techcombank had direct meetings with some 40 to 50 outstanding candidates in the fields of database and financial services to recruit talented people working in Vietnam.

General Director of Techcombank Jens Lottner shared that apart from deserved remuneration and allowances, Techcombank would also create favorable conditions for talented employees to succeed and uphold the available international experiences.

In addition, the bank always tries its best to create the best working environment dedicated for talented bankers to develop their specialized skills contributing to the development of Techcombank in particular and to the country's banking sector in general.

Being one of the most successful banks in digital transformation, Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB Bank) has built two modern training and innovation centers in Ho Chi Minh City and the capital city of Hanoi serving for training its human resources. The centers have performed training sessions for 78,000 turns of trainees and employees to meet the demand of working in the digital era.

It could be said that basically, enterprises implementing digital transformation would need four elements. Initially, businesses have to attach digital transformation to their business model and objectives value. The second one, enterprises should prioritize digital transformation from sections generating high-value and stable revenue.

As for the third one, businesses should identify that the procedures would be regularly adjusted and upgraded in accordance with the development trends, instead of only a sustainable one. The last one is that enterprises should raise awareness of being well prepared for the transformation in three to five years to prepare appropriate human resources.

Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association Lam Nguyen Hai Long concluded that digital transformation must originate from the determination of enterprises’ heads which would be considered as a long-term benefit to the durable development of the businesses.