Hospitals offer telehealth services to benefit people in distant districts: PM

Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc directed telehealth services provided by big hospitals must benefit people in disadvantaged districts and reduce patient overload in central infirmaries.
Hospitals offer telehealth services to benefit people in distant districts: PM
He made the direction at a meeting yesterday in the capital city of Hanoi organized by the Ministry of Health on the inauguration of 1,000 facilities participating in the telehealth service project.
Prime Minister Phuc said telehealth services will help people in rural district to get access to medical services quickly and in the nick of time; therefore, it helps reducing pressure of patient overload in big facilities.
Operation of 1,000 facilities to offer telehealth services is a milestone of the country’s health sector, marking active participation of the sector in the national digitalization program by 2025 with the vision to 2030. It orients towards to make Vietnam become a digitalized and stable country which will volunteer for new technologies.
The Prime Minister praised the Ministry of Health to take part in the national digitalization program by implementing the Telehealth project for improving quality of healthcare.
Expanding telehealth service is an significant step of the health sector with a bid to raise health care quality to get patients’ satisfaction and trust, Mr. Phuc said.
He added Vietnamese residents can access to good medical services wherever they live. Patients at home can receive consultation from good physicians in big hospitals. Last but not least, doctors in grass-root infirmaries can learn more from their senior peers and their skills gradually improve.
Under the Prime Minister’s direction, the Ministry of Health closely worked with the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Ministry of Defense and Viettel to implement the telehealth project.
After two-month implementation of the project especially in distant and disadvantaged districts, islands, more than 1,000 small infirmaries have been connected with 30 big hospitals in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Many patients having serious illnesses have been saved thanks to timely consultation from experienced senior doctors.

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