Health Ministry regulates surrogate pregnancies

A couple unable to have children is eligible to ask for surrogate pregnancy because of humanity’s purpose, according to the Ministry of Health’s document on surrogacy regulation.

Childless couples and single women are entitled to undergo In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) as per physician’s direction under the Ministry’s new regulation because of humanity’s purpose, the new regulation says.
Also according to the new regulation, privacy of infertile couples, surrogate mothers, and babies must be protected by the law.
Names of sperm donors and recipients must be kept secret, donors' sperm and germ must be encoded but characteristics of donors especially race factor must be written clearly.
Surrogate mothers must be a relative of infertile couple, the regulation stipulates.
Only barren couples having undergone fertility treatment and IVF but failing for several times and women without eggs are entitled to surrogacy.
Additionally, sperm donors must undergo medical check-up before donating sperm to ensure good race.
The regulation will take effect next March 15.

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