HCMC police force start inspection facilities for foreigners to rent

From August 1, Ho Chi Minh City Police started inspecting hotels and facilities where foreigners rent.
Vietnam deports foreign violators

Vietnam deports foreign violators

Police officers will issue harsh penalties on establishments for foreigners to rent and reside violating regulations on immigration. Moreover, the city's police force at the same time considers the responsibility of organizations and individuals that were assigned to manage the jurisdiction.

SGGP Newspaper reporter had an interview with Senior Lieutenant Colonel Vo Chien Thang, Deputy Head of Ho Chi Minh City Police’s Immigration Department (PA08), about this inspection.

More and more foreigners come to live and work in the country, especially in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to the positive aspects, recently there have been many cases of law violations related to foreigners.

Colonel Vu Chien Thang said that the number of foreigners entering Vietnam, especially Ho Chi Minh City, is increasing day by day. For instance, in the first 6 months of 2023, 1.8 million foreigners arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, an increase of 85 percent over the same period last year.

Foreigners have had remarkable activities, including an increasing and complicated state of law violations. Specifically, a large number of foreigners illegally enter the country and they overstayed their visa and their temporary residence for a long time; worse, some of them also commit illegal acts such as organizing betting activities, lending money with high interest, and cheating in the internet while other evaded their countries’ search warrant or set up a line of making forged documents to help foreigners illegally enter and stay in Vietnam. They even manufactured, transported and stored illegal drugs.

In the first 6 months of 2023, the city's police force has detected and handled nearly 730 foreigners involved in violations including 10 organizations. Police officers also issued a fine of VND35 million (US$1,469) to companies that bring foreigners into Vietnam and deported foreign violators.

Last time, the Department PA08 discovered that many foreigners did not declare their temporary residence or overstayed their temporary residence. PA08 also cooperates with professional units of the Ho Chi Minh City Police to prevent and detect illegal entry of foreigners and many violations of the criminal law. The PA08 liaised with their counterpart of the Criminal Police Department in District 10 and Binh Thanh District discovered foreigners establishing many companies to organize ‘black credit’ via the app. The Department also coordinated with the Department of Cybersecurity and High-Tech Crime Prevention under the Ministry of Public Security and other professional units to arrest three Korean nationals with international search warrants who came to Vietnam under the disguise of investors, experts, carrying out high-tech criminal activities in the city.

Recently, the Ho Chi Minh City Police discovered 7 Chinese in District 8 carrying out organized crime collecting more than 1,000 smartphones. Many foreign criminals asked Vietnamese people to rent a house under Vietnamese names and buy things to help foreigners committing crimes.

Dangerously, foreigners established foreign-invested companies to help their peers stay in Vietnam for a long time. After many foreigners are granted a long-term residence document, the company is dissolved or the company is "only established on paper" without actual operation.

In addition, many Vietnamese individuals set up small companies to assist foreigners to enter and work. Also, several Vietnamese people let foreigners rent their houses, and apartments without a declaration of temporary residence without strict management; therefore, scores of foreigners organized betting and cheating on the internet. When the police force detects the crime, local administrations replied that they don’t know.

The PA08 has spread regulations on immigration to people, owners of hotels, motels, rental houses and foreigners encouraging people to declare temporary residence online at https://hochiminh.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn and extend their visas.

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