HCMC health sector uses chatbot to explain regulations

The health sector in Ho Chi Minh City yesterday launched chatbots to provide patients with 24/7 access to health information.


This sector’s move aims to enhance communication of new regulations of the Law on Medical Examination and Treatment No. 15/2023/QH15 and the Government’s Decree No. 96/2023/ND-CP in addition to traditional forms of communication.

Patients can go at https://chat.khambenh.gov.vn is integrated between the NLP chatbot - natural language processing chatbot - and the machine learning model to help understand and respond to user questions accurately. The application utilizes new, modern technologies such as Rocket.Live, Rasa AI Conversational Platform, MongoDB, Python, and Linux.

The Chatbot will provide answers related to the Law on Medical Examination and Treatment thanks to being built from question data based on a question bank comprising 800 questions sent by medical facilities. All answers are compiled, updated, and supplemented continuously by the professional departments of the Department of Health and medical examination and treatment facilities.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used in healthcare settings. Chatbots geared toward patient use are becoming more widely available.

With this application, medical staff or anyone in need of support will easily receive information and answers related to the provisions of the Law on Medical Examination and Treatment, as well as the Government’s Decree No. 96/2023. /ND-CP.

According to the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City, although the chatbot is not too complicated, it can be considered a new product created from the innovation ecosystem of Ho Chi Minh City's health sector.

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