Hanoi encourages community engagement in child protection

Hanoi has rolled out various measures to continue effectively implementing policies of caring for, educating, and protecting children.

Providing Vitamin A doses to children in Hanoi (Photo: VNA)

The city People’s Committee has issued a plan to implement the municipal Party Committee’s plan to realise the Politburo’s Directive No. 28-CT/TU on strengthening child care, education, and protection to meet the requirements in developing a prosperous and happy nation.

Accordingly, the city will focus on promoting the leadership of State agencies in child protection and care, and defining specific responsibility of Party Committees and administrations at all levels, especially leading officials, in directing activities to care for, educate, and protect the children.

At the same time, the city has continued to issue directing documents in the work in a full and timely manner, thus specifying policies and laws related to the children.

Alongside, the city has allocated adequate budget to the implementation of child protection, care and education tasks, while encouraging the engagement of the whole community, especially organisations, businesses and individuals, in caring for them.

The city has increased investment in building public works and providing social services as well as healthcare, education, entertainment, culture, sports and art services to children, especially those in ethnic minority-inhabited and far-flung areas.

Meanwhile, the capital city will strengthen the collection of data for the management of children, especially those with underprivileged background and those facing a high risk of falling into disadvantaged circumstances, for the provision of timely support, while concentrating on preventing and combat child abuse and conducting intervention and assistance activities for children that are victims of child abuse, and taking measures to prevent accidents among children.

Local authorities have strengthened supervision and inspection over the implementation of child care, education and protection activities.

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