Hanoi calls on individuals illegally arresting police to confess

The Investigation Agency under the Hanoi Police Department has sent a letter calling on individuals relating to the illegal arrest and detainment of officials and policemen in Dong Tam commune, My Duc district to make a confession.
All policemen and officials were released on April 24 after they were captured by local residents in Hoanh Village over a land dispute (Photo: SGGP)
All policemen and officials were released on April 24 after they were captured by local residents in Hoanh Village over a land dispute (Photo: SGGP)
According to the letter, individuals might break the law or even commit a crime because of mistakes in awareness and action. The unexpected thing negatively affects them, their families and the society.
If they really repent by giving themselves up to the police and sincerely declare to repair the negative consequences they caused for the society, authorized agencies will consider and mitigate their legal responsibilities when solving the case.
The Hanoi Police Department and People’s Procuracy proposed local authorities, families and relatives of the violators to encourage them to cooperate with the investigation and procuracy agencies to ensure their legitimate rights and benefits.
They also called all all classes of residents in the commune to encourage the violators to confess, supply relevant information and documents. The investigation and procuracy agencies will not arrest and detain the confessors to ensure their legal rights and benefits as per regulations.
Those hiding the violators or hindering them from confessing will be strictly handled.
The letter has been sent to Dong Tam commune and broadcast on local loadspeaker system.
In addition, many residents in Hoanh Village have received summons from the police agency to make clear the illegal detainment and property destruction.
At the end of March, the Investigation Agency under Hanoi Police investigated the case of disrupting public order in Dong Tam commune relating to land withdrawal.
On April 15, when the police arrested four residents in Hoanh village including 82 year old Le Dinh Kinh who is former secretary of the commune Party Committee; many people in Dong Tam detained 38 mobile policemen and some officials of My Duc district and the commune at the cultural house of Hoanh village for a long time.
On April 22, chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung held a dialogue with residents and committed not to conducting criminal prosecutions against Hoanh villagers. All of the detained officials were released on the same day.
On June 13, the investigation agency decided to launch criminal investigation over the case for illegally arresting and detaining people as per Article 123 of the Criminal Code and destroying or deliberately damaging properties under Article 143 of the code.
Afterwards, Hanoi conducted an overall inspection over land management and use in the area of Mieu Mon airport in Dong Tam commune and publicly announced the inspection’s conclusions on September 25.

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