Gov’t should facilitate household businesses’ registration procedures

Household business establishments are small with simple operations. Therefore, the government should facilitate their business registration procedures to attract owners of these facilities to carry out registration activities.
Gov’t should facilitate household businesses’ registration procedures ảnh 1

Gov’t should facilitate household businesses’ registration procedures

The Ministry of Planning and Investment is collecting comments on the draft decree on business households with the aim of creating a favorable business environment for business households. Furthermore, the Ministry will continue to reform and complete the legal framework on business households to improve the quality of public services and simplify administrative procedures for business household registration; contributing to a healthy business environment, strengthening state management, and preventing corruption and wrongdoings.

Business households have existed in the Vietnamese economy up to now with about 5 million establishments. Meanwhile, current regulations for the legal status of business households are still unclear; therefore, the development of a specific document for business households is necessary.

However, the current draft only focuses on regulations related to business household registration and market entry procedures, and does not have regulations on the operating process after business registration; for instance, labor relationships between members of the business household, salary issues, wages, tax issues in the business household. At the same time, some regulations are still making it difficult for business households.

For example, according to the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the draft requiring business households to record the main business registration industry according to the level 4 industry code including 486 industries is not appropriate, causing difficulties for business owners. On the other hand, the draft as well as the current regulations do not have regulations on main registered business lines and professions.

In addition, the draft also stipulates that in case the personal information declared is different from the information stored in the National Population Database, business household owners are asked to contact the management agency to make corrections before carrying out business household registration procedures. However, the above regulation will prolong the registration of business households because they must carry out additional procedures to correct information before returning to business registration. This can be shortened by the business registration agency notifying the National Population Database management agency to correct the information in this data system instead.

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