Governor in South Sudan gifts oxen to Vietnamese doctors

Director of the field hospital at Bentiu in South Sudan Lieutenant colonel Bui Trung Thanh said that military doctors who were taking over the field hospital helped Bentiu governor’s wife to deliver a baby girl; accordingly, the governor gifted an oxen to Vietnamese doctors to show his gratitude.
A Vietnamese doctor examines the governor's wife (Photo: SGGP)
A Vietnamese doctor examines the governor's wife (Photo: SGGP)
Before, on June 30, the hospital admitted the wife of the governor who was 32 weeks pregnant. The pregnant woman was taken to the hospital when she was suffering from fatigue and fever. She said that she experienced vomiting and diarrhea the week before.
After conducting necessary testing, Vietnamese physicians discovered she was infected with malaria parasite and typhoid bacteria as well as she has the anemia.
Hence, they provided timely treatment until she was stable and then transferred her to a bigger hospital for further treatment.
The Bentiu governor phoned to head of the field hospital to thank Vietnamese doctors, saying that he wanted to gift them an oxen, a valuable present in the country.

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