Gasoline prices continue dropping by VND3,600 per liter

From 3 pm this afternoon, the prices of gasoline continued to fall deeply and this is the third consecutive decrease this year.
Gasoline prices continue dropping by VND3,600 per liter ảnh 1
Specifically, gasoline E5RON92 is priced at VND25,073 per liter or decreased by VND2,715 per liter. This price is VND997 a liter lower than the price of RON95-III gasoline which is sold at VND26,070 a liter or down VND3,605 a liter.
The new price of 0.05S diesel is VND24,858 per liter, down VND1,735 a liter while kerosene fetches VND25,246 a liter, down VND1,099 a liter, and fuel oil 180CST 3.5S is priced at VND16,548 per kg, down VND1,164 per kg.
At this time, the inter-ministries of Industry, Trade and Finance decided to keep the level of a deduction for setting up the Price Stabilization Fund to petroleum products but reduce the contribution level to the fund to kerosene products in order to give priority to reducing gasoline prices in the country.

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