Gasoline price reduces to about VND12,000 a liter

Petrol prices started reducing by VND4,100-4,252 a liter to around VND12,000 a liter since 3p.m. on March 29 according to the requirement by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Finance.

Specifically the price of E5RON92 ethanol gasoline blend dropped VND4,100 a liter to VND11,956, RON95-III price went down VND4,252 a liter to VND12,560 a liter. The price of diesel decreased VND1,776 a liter to VND11,259 a liter, kerosene dropped VND2,705 a liter to VND9,141 a liter and mazut reduced VND1,048 a kilogram to VND9,453 a kilogram.

The two ministries required businesses to contribute VND300 a liter of E5RON92 gasoline sold to the price stabilization fund. The contribution level is VND1,150 to a liter of RON95 gasoline, kerosene and diesel. It is VND450 a kilogram of mazut.

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