Fuel prices increase

Ministry of Trade & Industry and Ministry of Finance respectively announced to increase the retail prices of petrol and diesel oil as of 3 pm on August 4. 
Illustrative photo:SGGP
Illustrative photo:SGGP

After the increase, the retail prices of RON 92 petrol increased by VND 599 per liter to reach VND 17,025 per liter; the bio-fuel E5 also increased by VND 572 per liter to touch at VND 16,823 per liter.

The  prices of the 0.05S diesel oil, kerosene and mazut were adjusted hike of VND 466, VND 462 and VND 264 per liter to reach at VND 13,795, VND 12,398 and VND 11,097 respectively.

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