Fraudulent recruitment of e-commerce platform collaborators

The Vietnam Cybersecurity Emergency Response Teams/Coordination Centre (VNCERT/CC) – the Authority of Information Security has warned of a dangerous tendency of fraudulent employment of collaborators for e-commerce platforms lately.

Statistics from VNCERT/CC’s center to receive feedbacks and reports about spam calls and messages reveal that there are suspicious subjects sending messages to recruit collaborators via popular social networks like iMessage, Facebook, and Zalo with an attractive wage.

When a person interested in this ad deliver a response, those subjects will send a fake link of an e-commerce platform, asking that person to perform the first task of buying goods online via the platform in order to increase interactions for existing shops there. They are promised to receive back their money after two or three successful transactions, most of which are very costly. When the victim discovers that he or she cannot pour more money into these tasks, that victim realizes this job is merely a trick.

VNCERT/CC experts warn that whenever citizens sense their received message, email, or call is a fraudulent one, they should immediately report it to VNCERT/CC via a message to 5656 or the official website