Fraudulence handling to be improved

Chief of the Ministry of Public Security Office Lieutenant General To An Xo announced the determination of the Public Security Ministry (MoPS) in handling cases of faking officers of MoPS to carry out fraudulent activities.

Lately, there have been reports on people impersonating officers in police agencies, procuracy offices, or the court to call and trick citizens for property appropriation. Lieu. General To An Xo affirmed that all functional agencies, especially the police, the procuracy, and the court always send formal invitations or summons to related people to directly visit their office for work. There is absolutely no case of handling any violations via the Internet.

MoPS will continue to consult the Government on proper directions for localities to handle such crimes while increasing prevention measures to pinpoint criminals who appropriate property of others according to Directive No.21, issued on May 25, 2020 about mobilizing the comprehensive force of the whole community in fighting against this criminal type.

MoPS also asked its professional units focus on listing suspected subjects of property appropriation; timely respond to crime reports; implement suitable professional methods to promptly discover and handle these criminals; cooperate with the State Bank of Vietnam, credit organizations, branches of foreign banks sited in the nation to improve the performance of preventing and handling property appropriation criminals.

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