Four Korean nationals wanted internationally, hiding in HCMC arrested

On April 1, the Criminal Police Department (C02) under the Ministry of Public Security announced that the unit had handed over four Korean nationals who were internationally wanted and hiding in Ho Chi Minh City to the Korean police.

Prior to that, C02 and the Department of Foreign Affairs under the Ministry of Public Security discovered and arrested the four internationally-wanted individuals with Korean nationality who were hiding in HCMC. The group consists of Park Haedong, 35, charged with "Fraud"; Ji Sungmin, 42, Jeon Haeju, 29, and Kim Hosung, 38, charged with "Operating online betting websites".

The police determined that the group had used highly sophisticated tactics, such as registering their temporary residence at one place but living in another, or registering their temporary residence through intermediaries under the form of hiring someone to stand as the tenant, living with fellow Koreans without declaring their temporary residence, and frequently changing their residence in different provinces and cities in Vietnam.

These individuals had infiltrated areas with a high concentration of foreign residents, causing difficulties for the authorities in tracking and apprehending them.

After the arrest, the four individuals were handed over to the Korean police by C02 in accordance with the law.