First dengue vaccine approved in Vietnam

Vietnam approved the first dengue vaccine for those from 4 years old and up regardless of being previously infected with dengue.

Vietnam approves first dengue vaccine

As per schedule, the vaccine will be available in Vietnam from September 2024. According to head Vu Tuan Cuong of the Drug Administration of Vietnam under the Ministry of Health, the drug watchdog has licensed and extended the circulation registration certificates of 40 kinds of vaccines and biological products.

One of them can be circulated for 5 years while the other eight vaccines and biological products can be displayed in pharmacies for three years. Last but not least, the circulation registration certificates of the other 22 vaccines and biological products are extended

Specifically, amongst vaccines licensed by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health for circulation this time, a dengue fever vaccine manufactured by Japan’s Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited was approved for circulation - the first of its kind in the Southeast Asian country.

The newly approved dengue vaccine will be administered to those aged four years and older, regardless of prior infection status. It is expected to be available at selected vaccination centers in Vietnam from September. The Japanese-made vaccine has obtained approval in over 30 countries, including those in the European Union, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Moreover, the vaccine has been approved for the national vaccination programs in Brazil and Argentina.

Manager of Takeda Vietnam Katharina Geppert hailed the Vietnamese Ministry of Health’s approval of the dengue vaccine as a significant step in combating dengue fever and preventing dengue-related health risks

The manager of Takeda Vietnam promised to collaborate with regulatory bodies, medical experts, professional associations, research institutes, government agencies, private organizations, and other stakeholders to collectively combat dengue fever in Vietnam and other countries in the world.

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