Fast shopping trend sways Vietnamese consumers

Urban modern pace of life has generated fast shopping trend in Vietnam. According to the Department of Industry and Trade in Ho Chi Minh City, around 2,379 convenience stores have been mushrooming in the city by May, 2019.
Fast shopping trend sways Vietnamese consumers
A report by Nielsen Vietnam confirms huge shifts in Vietnamese spending habits. A few Vietnamese customers go to traditional markets or big supermarkets; they go to convenience, mini outlets, or stores to sell personal items instead.
Findings from the recent Nielsen report have shown that the number of shoppers in these above-mentioned stores in 2018 quadrupled that in 2010. The report also pointed out urban modern pace of life has generated fast shopping trend in the S-shaped country because shoppers spend less time on shopping in convenience stores and mini outlets.
For instance, IT staff Nguyen Van Nam in Binh Thanh District shared that he has regularly gone to convenience stores or mini outlets to buy personal items and essential commodities within one year recently. He opts for these stores because he has not to spend much time for shopping in these stores like traditional markets or big supermarkets.
Many factors have contributed to Vietnamese spending habits. Firstly, city dwellers have less time on shopping. Secondly, they face crowd and congested traffic in big city; therefore, they need solutions and convenient products to help them to live easily.
Furthermore, consumers take heed of saving, they regularly buy less food to cut rotten ones. Hence, instead paying more for a huge money on food or commodities , they manage their money buy pay less for less goods. That’s the way they save money.

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