Facebook violates Vietnam’s advertising, tax law: Ministry

Facebook has violated Vietnam’s content, online advertising rules and taxation law, announced the Ministry of Information and Communications.
Facebook violates Vietnam’s advertising, tax law: Ministry
According to reports which will be delivered at the upcoming National Assembly, in addition to nearly 436 social fanpage and nearly 1,500 licensed portals including 190 newspaper portals countrywide, Facebook, Google, Youtube have also entered Vietnam.
Though the three latter have been supplying more information, they have violated the Vietnamese law.
As per the national Assembly’s direction, the Vietnamese government ordered relevant agencies to implement measures to keep politic security, economic security and then required Facebook and Google to strictly obey Vietnam’s cyber law.
Google has prevented more than 7,000 video clips and removed 19 inappropriate channels in YouTube as well as deactivated 58/63 games in Google Play breaching the Vietnamese law.
Facebook has also blocked 208/211 fake accounts, 2,444 links to advertise illegal services and products as well as 200 links with anti-government comments on the platform and 215 fanpage which advertise gambling games;
Apple also removed 9/15 e-games in AppStore violating the S-shaped country’s law.
The Ministry of Information and Communications sent its document to the State bank of Vietnam, asking to jointly review and adopt preventative measures against paying for cross-border illicit services including Facebook. Financial management bodies are collecting evidence so that they can ask Facebook to follow Vietnam’s law.
Regarding email and phone spams, the government said that it will amend the edict No.90/2008/NĐ-CP issued on August 13, 2008 on tackling spams.
The government also directed the Ministry of Information and Communications to re-arrange telecommunication businesses. Once inspectors discover any business sell activated SIM cards available in the market, the business will be fined and they will not be granted tittle.
The Ministry of Information and Communications instructed the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group and telecommunications businesses to jointly build and adopt Image recognition technology and artificial intelligence to increase the precision in registration of telephone subscriber information to tackling message spams.

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