Electronic identification account integrating various useful personal papers

The Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Order (C06 - under the Ministry of Public Security) has just held a press conference to officially introduce VNeID, the Ministry’s application for electronic identification (e-ID) of citizens. This e-ID integrates different necessary personal documents like citizen ID card, health insurance card, vehicle license, and driver’s license.

Citizens activate their electronic identification account via the feature of NFC of a smart phone. (Photo: SGGP)

In the conference, Head of C06 Lieutenant General To Van Hue reported that after 4 months issuing e-ID accounts for citizens, his Department has received nearly 6 million registration forms, seeing that this account is extremely practical. Citizens can use such an account to replace their citizen ID card, health insurance card, vehicle license, driver’s license. They can notify the local police about their temporary residence online or report any suspected crimes.

This account is the safest and most precise since its data is directly extracted from the National Database on Population, which is managed by the Public Security Ministry. Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Thanh Vinh, Deputy Director of the National Population Data Center, said that citizens can freely use this VNeID to replace the hard version of personal documents in administrative transactions.

C06 informed that it will upgrade more features for the app like personal tax number in order to boost the growth of a digital government, economy, and society. Formerly, VNeID was used for the declaration of domestic movement during the Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam from September 2021. Therefore, users already installing the app just need to update it to access new functions.

VNeID can be downloaded from iOS App Store or Android Play Store. When installing, users need to input correct personal information and use the NFC method on their citizen ID card for authentication.

At present, not all steps can be done online, and citizens still need to visit the local police station to complete the process. However, the app is still a promising one thanks to its convenience. In the upcoming time, the Public Security Ministry will continue to integrate more useful personal papers into the app after completing the development of step 2 in the authentication process so that citizens do not need to come to a police station anymore.

C06 stressed that information sharing is decided by its owner, and the Public Security Ministry only provide information under the approval of the owner as well as the guarantee of the receiver on proper methods to secure it in compliance with the law.

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