Electricity sector strives to reduce transmission losses to under 2.5 percent

With the one-step-ahead target to create motivation for the development of Thu Duc City, the electric power industry set a plan from now to 2025 striving to provide 6,000 kWh per person a year, an increase of 1.5 times compared with the current capacity.

Besides, the electricity sector strives to reduce electric power transmission and distribution (T&D) losses under 2.5 percent, average power outage for every customer under 0.3 times a year and the amount of loss time shall be under 30 minutes per year.  

At the same time, electricity services will be continued to entirely enhance. From the third quarter of 2021, customers can easily monitor and keep track of the whole power usage process via the App of electric power industry customer services.

The electricity sector will continue to enhance the access-to-electricity index, contributing attracting more and more investments and ensuring 100 percent of investment projects through the 22kV medium voltage grid to supply electricity for customers within five days. 

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