Domestic retailers eye export-quality products

Domestic retailers are increasing the distribution of export-quality products to cash in on the consumption trend towards green, environmentally friendly and safe products.

Recently, the Bach Hoa Xanh mini-mart chain of the Mobile World Investment Corporation signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Minh Phu Seafood Corporation - one of the leading fisheries producers in Vietnam to put export-quality shrimp products on shelves of Bach Hoa Xanh.

Pham Van Trong, General Director of Bach Hoa Xanh, said domestic retailers are making an effort to find and sell high-quality products to Vietnamese consumers.

Previously, people often thought that good-quality products were all for export, but Bach Hoa Xanh is doing the opposite to enable domestic consumers to enjoy products of a quality to compete in highly demanding markets, Trong said.

Le Van Quang, General Director of the Minh Phu Seafood Corporation, said that cooperation with the retail system will help the corporation to bring export-quality products to domestic consumers.

Many businesses in other industries in Ho Chi Minh City also promote high-quality products to meet consumer tastes, particularly domestic consumers’ green lifestyle. Businesses producing and trading essential consumer goods are constantly making efforts to promote environmentally friendly products.

Nguyen Thanh Hai, General Director of the Qui Phuc Trading – Service – Production Co. Ltd., said international integration is one of the important strategies in the development process, his compny has been promoting its exports to markets, aiming to expand its presence across Asia by 2025.

To meet the target, the company has determined to become a leading enterprise in manufacturing and trading furniture products in Vietnam, he added.

According to experts, a sustainable domestic supply chain will create leverage to maintain the trade growth of Vietnamese goods at home and abroad, helping businesses to compete with quality and gain consumer trust.

The domestic consumer goods market is growing and Vietnamese consumers paying more attention to globally standardised products rather than personal feelings or prices.

For example, Ho Chi Minh City’s steering committee of the campaign “Vietnamese people prioritise Vietnamese goods” launched a cooperation programme to control the quality of goods in the city. Reputable retail brands such as Saigon Co.op, Satra, Bach Hoa Xanh, MM Mega Market, and AEON have joined the programme which focuses on selecting products with good quality control process.

The program is considered a practical solution to promote Vietnamese products and reliable responsible businesses. Moreover, building a supply chain of Vietnamese goods will create a foundation for production orientation and improve product quality, which will help Vietnamese products better compete with imported products as well as enter the international market.

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