Domestic confectionery products conquer foreign markets

During the passing time, thanks to strict compliance with food hygiene and safety, many domestic confectionery products have been successfully exported to difficult markets such as Japan, the United States, Europe, Thailand, China and so on.

Domestic confectionery products conquer foreign markets.

With typical flavors from domestic agricultural products such as cashews, durian, coconut and so on, the Bibica- branded confectionery products of the Bibica Joint Stock Company have been exported in the most difficult markets including the United States, Japan and the Republic of Korea.

Notably, the company has met Walmart’s requirements in China to prepare its first export orders to the market.

Besides, the Vietnamese chocolate brand name of Marou has appeared in 20 countries and territories in the world including the United States, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Korea, Hong Kong (China) and so on.

Another Vietnamese chocolate brand name Alluvia Chocolatier of Xuan Ron Cho Gao Company in the Mekong Delta Province of Tien Giang has been consumed domestically and foreign countries Japan, the Republic of Korea, Europe and so on.

Among them, Japan and the Republic of Korea are the two largest consumption markets of the chocolate brand name with an output of two containers a year on average.

In order to meet the strict requirements and conquer the difficult markets, domestic enterprises have researched and offered original products with typical flavors to arouse the curiosity of consumers.

Particularly, all of the exported products have to meet the strict requirements of importers, including standards on food hygiene and safety together with clear traceability.

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