Contagious diseases trending upwards in HCMC

The municipal Center for Preventive Medicine yesterday announced communicable diseases increased drastically from March 15 to 21 compared to the same period last year.

Ho Chi Minh City recorded 1,564 cases of measles within the first three months whereas it had been four cases in three first months of 2018. All districts have reported measles cases with leading cases in district 8, Binh Tan and Binh Chanh.

Approximately 48 percent of measles cases were children from 18 months to ten years old. Worse, 96 percent of patients have been vaccinated and just slightly more than 4 percent of kids have been inoculated one vaccine shot against measles.

Additionally, dengue cases are climbing. Just within three first months, the city had 10,115 dengue cases increasing by 243 percent whereas the number of dengue cases last year had been 2,960 and the city recorded 450 cases of hand-foot-and mouth, 22 percent higher than that in the same period last year (with 369 cases).

Head of the municipal Center for Preventive Medicine’s contagious disease controlling ward Dr. Le Hong Nga said that the number of HFMD-associated hospitalizations has kept escalating from now on since the disease enters its annual season.

Health authorities warned people to kill larva and mosquitos, to go to nearby medical centers for vaccination, to wash hand regularly with soap to keep personal hygiene and clean children toys weekly.

The city has inoculated vaccine ComBE Five from February 11-2 on around 6,153 kids. No reports of vaccine side-effects or severe complications.