Competition on building smart city based on IoT launched

The competition IoT Startup 2018 has just been launched by Saigon Hi-tech Park Incubation Center, a member of Saigon Hi-tech Park. The aim of this year’s competition is to create a smart city on an IoT foundation.

The competition focuses on aspects that Internet of Things (IoT) is widely used at the moment such as home automation or domotics, smart production, smart security, smart healthcare, urban control, smart mobile device.

The competition is divided into two groups of students (Group A) and start-up people (Group B). The organization board will receive competition papers from now until May 30, 2018. Based on professional evaluation, approved papers will then be turned into real products in accordance with the registered description.

Along with real products, projects of Group B will also have to provide a suitable business plan according to the instruction manual from the board of organization (eBook, video) and support from experts of the competition.

Any projects that can enter the final stage will have a chance to attract investors and startup funds invited by the organization board. The first position will receive a prize of VND150 million (approx. $6,580).