Cho Ray surgeons place wireless electronic heartbeat equipment

Deputy director of Cho Ray hospital’s Heart Department Nguyen Tri Thuc yesterday said that surgeons have placed wireless electronic heartbeat equipment to save a woman with severe heart failure.
Cho Ray surgeons place wireless electronic heartbeat equipment
The woman hailing from the Mekong delta province of Dong Thap was diagnosed to have heart failure and kidney failure at last stage. She undergoes periodical dialysis.
After carrying out tests and other emergency treatment, she was rushed to Lab-DSA room for a surgery to place the equipment temporarily.
While placing the equipment, surgeons realized that they could not place the equipment in normal way because the woman has undergone dialysis for long time, her blood vessels changed.
Accordingly, under the consultation of heart expert, Professor Sirin Apiyasawat from Ramathibodi hospital in Thailand, surgeons decided to place wireless electronic heartbeat equipment into the woman.
The small equipment is positioned in the woman’s right ventricle by a tube from vein at her right thigh
Dr. Nguyen Tri Thuc said the new method is suitable for treating those with heart failure but surgeons can’t access to their heart through vena cava. Additionally, patients have no scar after operation.

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