Cho Ray Hospital ensures 1,000- blood unit provision per month for Mekong Delta

Based on the requirement of Can Tho City, the Blood Transfusion Center of Cho Ray Hospital will continue to provide 1,000 blood units every month in June, July and August.

Professor, Doctor Nguyen Tri Thuc, Director of Cho Ray Hospital has just said that in April and May of 2023, the Blood Transfusion Center of Cho Ray Hospital provided 4,000 units of blood to Can Tho City.

The number of blood units was extracted from two percent of the reserved blood for natural disasters.

As usual, the center has well prepared for the chemical, medical equipment and supplies and human resources serving Cho Ray Hospital along with the Southeast region yearly.

Each month, Cho Ray Hospital receives around 13,000 to 15,000 units of blood. However, during the summer time along with objective factors, the number of received units of blood gained around 80 percent being sufficient to provide to the Southeast region.

Besides, Cho Ray Hospital has to ensure two percent of the prophylactic blood products for blood donation centers in its storehouse in case of natural disasters.

Therefore, amid the current urgent demand of Can Tho City, the Blood Transfusion Center of Cho Ray Hospital has used the storage for supporting the Mekong Delta city.

Regarding the number of platelets in the blood, the center has met the requirement of 27 out of 34 platelet blocks for Can Tho City. Of which, 20 blocks of platelet were transported to the city on the morning of June 8.

This is the great effort of the Blood Transfusion Center as the unit only produces 60 to 65 platelet blocks at maximum in a day meanwhile the demand of Cho Ray Hospital is around 50 blocks a day.

At the current times, the Blood Transfusion Center can provide 1,000 blood units monthly in need of Can Tho City. As for platelet, the distribution traps difficulties due to strict regulations on the expiry date.

However, the center has always tried its best to provide and support Can Tho City in urgent cases in need of erythrocyte sedimentation and platelet.