Cho Ray becomes third hospital to apply robotic cancer surgery

Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City began using robot in cancer surgery on October 23, becoming the third infirmary in Vietnam to apply this technology.
A surgery using robot at Cho Ray Hospital (Photo: VNA)
A surgery using robot at Cho Ray Hospital (Photo: VNA)

Director of the hospital Nguyen Truong Son said his hospital uses Da Vinci Si Surgical System IS3000 worth 71 billion VND (3.1 million USD) produced by the US’s Intuitive Surgical. This is the fourth-generation surgical robot that can access locations human hands cannot reach.

In the short term, Cho Ray Hospital will apply robotic surgery on prostate, kidney, bladder, bowel and colon, lung and liver cancers. This type of surgery will be used for trauma, orthopaedic and heart operations later.

Experts said robotic surgery has a high rate of success since robot is able to reach difficult locations and precisely remove tumours. It makes smaller incision and reduces blood loss, helping patients suffer from less pain and recover faster.

Robotic surgery was first used in the US in the late 1980s. In Vietnam, the National Children’s Hospital in Hanoi successfully applied robotic surgery in 2014. Binh Dan Hospital in HCM City carried out this type of surgery in 2016.

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