Chip-based citizen ID card to include much essential personal information

The Ministry of Public Security is collaborating with the Transport Ministry, Vietnam Social Security and other ministries, state units to integrate more essential personal information into the chip attached on a citizen ID card, including Covid-19-related data.

The Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Order (C06) under the Public Security Ministry informed that at present, the chip attached onto a citizen chip-based ID card has such important information as vaccination, travel permit for shippers, received social security package, vehicle registration, green Covid-19 card.

In the upcoming time, the chip will have more useful information like driving license, social insurance, passport, machine readable passport with machine - readable zones (MRZ) compliant with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

C06 states that citizens need to register for an account via the app VNEID by the Public Security Ministry or the website to be authenticated in the National Population Database. After that, they can use their chip-based citizen ID card with a valid QR code to show necessary information to the patrol teams without the need to bring along different personal papers or to take out their smart phone.

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