Children hospital stops receiving inpatients in section C

This morning, the Ho Chi Minh-based Children Hospital No.1 announced to stop admit inpatients in section C from July 2 over the discovery of Covid-19 patients and their relatives.
Following the direction of the Department of Health, the hospital will not admit any patient into the section because four patients and their caregivers are positive for the coronavirus.
The hospital said that other boarding areas are still operating as usual.
The hospital keeps providing diagnosis or treatment to outpatients and emergency medical services, and child patients. The hospital will admit patients who doctors have written an order to admit to a hospital as inpatients but they will stay in other sections.
Right after receiving the information of positive patients, the hospital has separated each pair of patients and their relatives into two different rooms for testing again. Test results have shown that a patient born in 2000 and her mother, who is her caregiver, are positive for the deadly virus.
The patient was hospitalized on June 25 with a diagnosis of septic fever and Wilms’ tumor, a rare kidney cancer that primarily affects children. They both underwent Covid-19 tests on June 26 whose results came out negative.
Presently, the two were transferred to the City Children Hospital for isolation as per the regulation of Covid-19 prevention and control.
The hospital in coordination with the city center for Disease Control has conducted tracing measures as well as fumigated section C. All medical staff members and patients in section C had to undergo a test. Another mother and child in the section were discovered to contract the coronavirus disease while the remaining were negative.

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