Children aged 14 up use chip-based citizen ID cards for medical examination

On April 8, the Vietnam Social Security announced that the National Children's Hospital was one of the first hospitals at the central level to accept chip-based citizen identification cards for medical examination and treatment covered by health insurance at the hospital.
Accordingly, children aged 14 and older who have been issued citizen identification with a chip, when going to a medical facility or doing administrative procedures, only use their citizen identification cards without carrying a health insurance card.
The patient's health insurance information is checked on the data portal of the health insurance system. When the patient comes for examination, the hospital staff will check the chip-based citizen identification cards by scanning QR code or the VNEID app.
If the patient's information is valid, the medical examination and treatment process will be carried out like the process of using a card. In case there is no valid information about participation in health insurance or the patient does not have a citizen identification card fitted with a chip, the hospital will explain to the patient to understand the information and choose the appropriate medical examination and treatment method.

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