Chicken pox on spreading trend despite not peak season

Though it is not a peak season of chicken pox, the hospitals reported that, this disease is on the trend to spread out. Not only children but also adults are infected with the disease which takes often place in February, March and April annually.

As Children Hospital No.1 is short of vaccine Varilix, many children have not been injected the vaccine’s second shoot; accordingly they are on the danger of the disease.

Recently, vaccine manufacturers have launched 2 in 1 products named Varivax, meaning it will be one shoot instead of two like before.

Doctors advised the parents should take the Varivax vaccine (one shoot) instead of Varilix but parents are wondering if it is good for their children.

Last week, some cases of chicken pox were hospitalized in Children Hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City. After treating these cases, medical experts confirmed that vaccination as per guideline is the best way to prevent chicken pox.

Around 15 percent of chicken pox cases in hospitals are suffering skin infection, skin ulceration and pneumonia; even one suffers critical condition due to pneumonia complication.

The Department of Preventative Medicine, under the Ministry of Health, said that the disease is caused by virus varicella zoster through respiratory tract. When a chicken pox patient sneezes or coughs, people around will be infected with if they inhale the virus. Or people can catch the disease if they get in touch with an infected person.

Dr. Do Chau Viet from the Children Hospital No.2’s Infection Ward said that the most commonly recognized chickenpox symptom is a red rash that can cover the entire body.

Most healthy children (and adults) recover from chicken pox with no lasting ill-effects simply by resting, just as with a cold or the flu. However, some children and adults are unlucky and have a more severe bout and complications, said Dr. Viet.

The Department of Preventive Medicine said that the country has around 25,000-40,000 infected chicken pox patients per year. In 2014, more than 20,000 chicken pox patients were reported across the country.

The Department therefore warned that infected people should soon go to hospital for treatment. People should not scratch to spread the virus and they should bath with warm water and put clothes in the sun. 

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